My Birth Experiences

I birthed my first child (a boy) in 2002 at the age of nineteen. A lack of education and life experience led to a drug-free but fairly traumatic birth. I had a miscarriage in the summer of 2003 and then gave birth to my second child (a girl) in the summer of 2004. The birth was actively managed by hospital staff (including induction, antibiotics, an epidural, artificial breaking of my waters, and an episiotomy). Despite the multitude of medical interventions, the birth was relatively peaceful and lovely. In the following 6 years, I gave birth to two surrogate babies for a family friend. I had two miscarriages in the process. The first surrogate baby was born naturally in a hospital setting. The parents of the baby had a difficult time watching natural pain management and asked me to get an epidural for the birth of the second surrogate baby. I complied with their request and received an epidural when I was at approximately 8-9 centimeters dilated. Both surrogate births were beautiful and rewarding. The trauma of my first birth, the experiences during my other births, and the three miscarriages have all contributed to my passion for the study of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the postpartum time period.