“What I initially found appealing about Stephanie was that she had experienced birth herself, both with and without an epidural. I felt like she would support whatever birthing decisions I made, without judgment.”

“Stephanie was wonderful in every way, giving massages, providing positive words of support and encouragement, and also talking me through the different stages of labor so I would know what to anticipate.”

“Stephanie was very professional and worked well with the hospital staff, allowing me to be free to focus on laboring.”

“I feel so blessed and grateful to have met Stephanie and to have her by my side as I gave birth. I believe it was everything that she did and her calm and confident presence that allowed me to have the natural birth I had always hoped for.”

What is a doula?

...a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

My personal birth philosophy

I believe that God created the female body with childbirth in mind. I believe that a tremendous majority of women have the ability to birth their children naturally, peacefully, and in their own strength. I believe that all women have the right to be educated in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. I believe that all women have the right to loving, evidence-based, personal care from their medical providers, friends, and family during these times. I believe that all women have the right to choose whether or not to undergo medical interventions such as inductions, pain-relief drugs, artificial breaking of the waters, vaginal exams, weight tracking, and episiotomies. I believe that no woman should be judged, reprimanded, or denied care because of her birthing decisions.
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